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Apr 2021


Lecture Series #1: Dr. Luis Ricardo Navarro Diaz & Mr. Rodolfo Palomino Casiani Workshop 



Apr 2021


Lecture Series #2: Finding Your Passion Project



Apr 2021


Lecture Series #3: (Trans)parency in Academia


About the Speakers

Dr. Luis Ricardo Navarro Diaz 

Lecture Series #1:

Dr. Luis Ricardo Navarro Diaz & Mr. Rodolfo Palomino Casiani Workshop 

Dr. Luiz Ricardo Navarro Diaz

Dr. Navarro is a communication professor in various universities of Colombia and studies communication for development and social change. His most recent book-PALENQUE: Comunicación, territorio y resistencia- addresses how youth communication experiences have generated dynamics for transformation, strengthening, recovery, preservation and resistance in the palenque social fabric.

Dr. Navarro ha sido profesor e investigador de varias universidades en Colombia en temas de comunicación para el cambio y desarrollo social. Su mas reciente libro-PALENQUE: Comunicación, territorio y resistencia- aborda cómo experiencias de comunicación juvenil han generado dinámicas de transformación, fortalecimiento, recuperación, preservación y resistencia en el tejido social palenquero.

Presentation: Procesos de comunicación participativa, etnográfica y transformadora en San Basilio de Palenque 1:00pm CST

Workshop: Etnografía y de teoría fundada en investigación social: Comunicación, territorio y resistencia 2:00 PM CST 

Anthony Ramirez 

Valentina Aduen

Marco Mireles 

Alondra González

Lecture Series #2:

Finding Your Passion Project

Showing Trajectories is proud to announce a Reflective Round Table where the students and faculty who curated Showing Trajectories share their process and experience of creating the series. The round table is meant to be interactive and participatory with the audience. We will explore not just how the talk series was envisioned and implemented but take feedback from the audience on how to make it better in the future.

Student Participants: 


Anthony Ramirez:

Anthony R. Ramirez is a Ph.D. student from El Paso, Texas. He is currently attending Texas A&M University within the department of communication. His research focuses on Latinidad in popular culture and media. Other topics of research that he focuses on are media representation of immigration and issues of the U.S./Mexico border. During his time at Texas A&M, he has been an instructor for a variety of classes, a graduate assistant for the Office for Diversity, served as the President for the Latinx Graduate Student Association, and has been involved in a variety of projects with the Latinx community. In addition, Anthony also is the creator/host/producer for the podcast, Academics and Amigos.

For more on Anthony visit his website: https://www.arramirez.com/

Valentina Aduen:

Valentina is a human from Barranquilla, Colombia. She has the intent and passion to leave this world better than when she entered it. For this purpose she is in her second year of doctoral studies in communication learning rhetorical theory and criticism and engaged research methods. However questioning everyday if academia will lend the tools to foster social change.

Marco Mireles: 

Marco is a first generation college student from Houston, Texas. He is currently working towards a BA in Communication, a Minor in Journalism, and a Certificate in Social Media. He has worked multiple positions in different fields, but has yet to decide upon his prospective career. During his free time you can find him experimenting with different forms of media or gaming. 

You can checkout some of Marco’s past work at www.marco-mireles.com

Alondra González:

Alondra is a first-generation Latinx college student from the Rio Grande Valley, TX. She is currently a senior in her last semester at Texas A&M University, double majoring in Telecommunications & Media Studies and Spanish. Her passions range on a lot of topics but her heritage and migrant upbringing are two of her core passions. She joined the Showing Trajectory team as a team player and acts as a facilitator although constantly growing and learning from other members. Alondra enjoys creating content and being a helping hand. While being an undergraduate student Alondra has taken part in several on-campus organizations like Institute for the Development and Education of Asian American Leaders (IDEAAL) & Council for Minority Student Affairs (CMSA) which focused on different race/ethnic groups and current events affecting such communities. She hopes to go on many spontaneous adventures in life and her career as she is a fan of traveling and learning about other cultures and ways of life. 

Faculty Moderators:  Jonathan Guajardo, joey lopez, Xiaofei Song Ph.D.




Dr. Lucy Miller 


Dr. Sandy Stone

Lecture Series #3:

(Trans)parency in Academia

Allucquere Rosanne (Sandy) Stone Ph.D.


Allucquere Rosanne (Sandy) Stone is Professor Emerita of Communication in the department of radio, television and film and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Concurrently she is Wolfgang Kohler Professor of Media and Performance Studies at the European Graduate School, Senior Artist at the Banff Centre, and Fellow of the University of California Humanities Research Institute.  She is a recipient of the State of California Lifetime Achievement Award.


Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Stone_(artist)

More complete wiki-type information:  https://lgbt.wikia.org/wiki/Sandy_Stone_(US_Artist)

Personal page:  https://sandystone.com

Academic affiliation:  https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/cwgs/faculty/sandysto


Dr. Lucy Miller Ph.D.


Talk Title:  Early Career Experiences of a Trans Faculty Member.


Dr. Miller’s research focuses on discourses of power and identity in the contexts of marginalization in media and the public sphere from a critical rhetoric perspective. Subjects include trans representations in film and media, the rhetoric of genderblindness, and performances of citizenship in the public sphere.


Department URL:  https://liberalarts.tamu.edu/communication/profile/lucy-j-miller/

Book:  https://www.amazon.com/Genderblindness-American-Society-Rhetoric-Control-ebook/dp/B07SVGRD4X





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